Health & Safety

Stay Safe & Enjoy

Atoles Retreat is passionate about delivering exceptional experiences and truly memorable moments throughout your stay.

In response to current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have elevated our high guest safety standards and implemented a variety of new protocols and additional cleaning practices to care for our guests and our staff.

Our procedures:

  • All members of staff have been fully trained in the key preventive actions and the new procedures implemented in order to ensure your safety.
  • Mandatory use of masks by all staff in contact with guests, along with any specifically required protective equipment.
  • Respect of physical social distancing.
  • Provision of hand sanitizer in all publicly-accessible areas.
  • Disinfectant wipes, face masks and hand sanitizers are available in the room for every arriving guest, as well as upon request.
  • Strict protocol of disinfecting rooms, air purification, and increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all public spaces using certified products and equipment.
  • Personalization of procedures, adaptable to individual requirements.

Every guest room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each guest stay. We will continue to provide housekeeping services daily while you are away from the room. If you have any specific housekeeping preferences or would like to not receive housekeeping services during your stay, you may contact guest services at any time.

Please help us optimize your stay in safe terms:

  • You are welcomed to wear a face mask in the common areas.
  • You are kindly requested to shower before entering the pool.
  • Don't use foam, soap, oils or other liquids as well as glass containers in the pool.

We are counting on you to support our efforts to offer you well-being and safety during your stay.

Thank you !