Indulge and awaken your senses at the Atoles Retreat

Introducing the pared-back luxury of simplicity combined with high-end amenities, Atoles Retreat welcomes you to an immersive getaway under the Aegean sun.

Embracing the concept of contemporary minimalism, colors, shapes and materials eschew exaggeration creating a sensitive balance between richness and restraint. The evidence of traditional architecture merges with contemporary tints, attaining a profound continuity of time, as well as an harmonious coexistence of the prime and the modern.

The idyllic beauty of natural surroundings tempts holiday seeking-travelers to re-balance their minds and reset their bodies in the context of a serene retreat of laid-back sophistication and Cycladic charm.

Our team invites you to embark on a journey of genuine hospitality, exceptional service, bespoke design in an atmosphere of ultimate privacy and charm.!